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Seasonal Events


  1. Yearly decision between the schools as to where “Chapel Offerings” will be sent. (Past recipients have included tornado and flood victims and Overseas missions)

  2. Sock-tober (The collection and distribution to area homeless shelters and to VCKids; Ventura County Foster Child Services)

  3. Movie Night

  4. Confirmation Classes for 6th and 7th graders

  5. Trunk-or-Treat

  6. Halloween Parade

  7. Veteran’s Day Singing in the park

  8. Thanksgiving Feast


  1. The Hanging of the Greens

  2. Annual Craft Event

  3. Homeless Dinner

  4. Youth Christmas Service and singing in Church Services

  5. VCKids Christmas Gift Drive

  6. Love of Cultures Day

  7. Lutheran Schools Week

  8. Trike-a-Thon


  1. Communion classes for 5th and 6th graders

  2. Baptism Event

  3. Hike to the Cross

  4. Easter Egg Hunt and Resurrection Festival

  5. Homeless Dinner

  6. For the Troops Event

  7. Simi Valley Street Fair (Prayer Booth)

  8. Pastor Appreciation Day

  9. Grandparents Day

  10. All Schools Auction


  1. Summer Camp

  2. Vacation Bible School

  3. Jr High Youth Events

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